Returning Land to the “Brown People”

Driving through a highway, which sits on reservation land, the seven year old boy I was nannying asked, “why are all these houses smaller than my garage?” I then explained that some people have very little money.

Five minutes later, we’ve stopped at a gas station and the little boy asked, “why are all the people with no money brown.” I explained that the people we saw were Native [American] and many didn’t have money because our government stole their land and resources.

Later that day, the little boy asked his mother if they could return their land to the brown people. I was shortly relieved of my position.

This post was written by Stella, a 22 year-old student from Washington, D.C. She is South Asian and was living in the Southwest U.S. at the time of this incident.

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  • Raul_Ahumada

    Sorry to hear this child lost a great nanny. Way to go Stella press on.