Boy, Am I Glad I’m White!

It was Martin Luther King, Jr. day at my son’s public school. The teacher was telling the kindergarteners about segregation and the hardships of being an African American at the time.

My son said, “Boy, am I glad I’m white!”.

Thanks to Marie, a 40 yr old mom/student in NYC for this very funny story!

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  • Kelly J

    I’m sorry – I don’t get the joke. This story isn’t “very funny.” It’s a lot of things: telling and informative, maybe even “mildly humorous” in the right context, with some discussion, but not “very funny,” most especially not to the other students of color in the class.

  • Smansage

    I also don’t find this funny.  I’m curious how this was approached by the teacher and by the parent.

  • Anonymous

    I think the joke is that the boy is actually of color. It is tagged “thought he was white” and “race confusion” in the tag section. Perhaps the boy said that because he does not find himself mistreated like those from the stories of segregation.