White Like You

My children are mixed race and one day while he was 4 I was in the bathtub and he needed to use the bathroom and he came in and while sitting on the toilet says “wow mummy, your so white!” I said “yep.” He said” I wish i was white like you.”

I asked why, he said, “cause then we would be the same, I dont like being different colors.” I said our colors are unique and i would love to be your color. He said, “like a good cup of tea!” I laughed so hard. We have had questions like that from him and my other 2 children also.

Carol has 3 kids, and is a White, English mum married to a Puerto Rican manw. Many thanks to her for this story.

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  • Getgln

    Preferences change over time.

  • Quonbenshuna89

    Well this was definitely the most ignorant statement any could have made. He’s a child, and a beautiful one at that regardless what race he is. He is just confused but will learn more as he grows.