Breaking the Cycle of Prejudice

Well, my story could be a bit interesting. My grandfather was in the KKK (now deceased), my mom (his daughter) was very racist, so I grew up not being allowed to have black friends. I didn’t understand as a child why color mattered. Jump to… my early 40’s, I remarried a black man, because he was a wonderful person, I didn’t care he was black. I was not going to allow the racial cycle to continue in my family. My daughters from my previous marriage were mexican/white and they felt the same way. They supported my new husband. My dad was never prejudiced but died many years ago, he loved all people. Anyway, my current husband and I as an interracial couple wanted to have a child. We adopted our son at birth who is biracial (same mix as if it was our biological child). We stay very close to his wonderful and amazing birthmom who was forced to give him up because of racial reasons. My son knows he is adopted, is handling it well, and writes to his birthmom. I totally support that relationship. She lives far away, but I welcome her to visit anytime. My husband and I cut the umbilical cord when our son was born, we saw him take his first breath – we are blessed to have a wonderful son, and he has two gorgeous big sisters who love him very much as well. 🙂

Thanks to Pamela Hilton for contributing this story

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