“I’m Biracial?”

My 9 year old son also has an African American father and a white mother.  We live in a predominately white town in Massachusetts.  Our elementary school principal contacted my husband about our son joining the school’s Affinity Program.  When we described the program to our son, i.e., that it is a program for African American children to discuss and better understand their culture, he asked if he is African American!  I guess we just assumed he knew he was a little of both of us.  He spends plenty of time with his African-American grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  But, until it slaps you in the face, sometimes you fail to realize the need for open and frequent discussions about race.  Later, he informed me that he wished his skin was darker so people would know he is African American.

Many thanks to Kathleen, 43-year old white lawyer in Massachusetts, for submitting this story


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