Name Calling

My child came home the evening before last from school to tell me she didn’t have a good day. A child bullied her, and it culminated that day in the child calling my daughter several names, including the N word. WHAT! You can imagine I wasn’t happy! The fact my child is mixed (father black, me white) or what color the other child was never entered my mind. The only thing I could think of was how inappropriate the entire situation was from start to finish. Long story shorter, we talked to the school about the entire thing, and the school resolved the issue. But I was left thinking about how this child thought it was okay to use a racial slur. (It turns out the girl is black.) I’ve always taught my girls about history and how things have changed even in the last 30 years. I make sure they understand there are ugly parts of history we don’t want to repeat. I teach them to think of and be kind to others. I found it really sad the other child obviously hasn’t had those lessons in her life. I wonder if I’m the only one thinking people like Mr King and Mr Shuttlesworth would be sad we still have so much work to do. Are the people who fought so hard for equality shaking their heads that a teen would think it’s appropriate to call someone else a name like that? Because I know I am.

Thanks to Nichole Cook for submitting this story.

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