The Chocolate Tree

When my son was about six he told me he wanted to be white.  I asked why.  He stated that they looked like they were having so much fun in the park on the swings. Their hair was swinging and they were laughing and happy. I let him know that he too can be just as “happy” on the swings.  Just pick a buddy to be a swing partner and enjoy the breeze. Also since my husband is darker and from Senegal and I am caribbean and medium colored, he would get caught up in that color difference.  He would say, I’m caramel and dad is dark chocolate.  In the summer when his skin was getting darker, he was worried that he was getting too chocolate.  I reminded him that his dad was the original genuine cocoa chocolate, and that he should be proud to be any shade on the chocolate tree. 

Sandy, a 40-something Art Director in Brooklyn, is a mom of three, I girl and 2 boys. Many thanks to her for submitting this story.

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