Gabrielle’s Story

I remember distinctly when my mom was pregnant with my sister. She had to have a doctor’s appointment, and she was really angry when she came home because she missed it. It had been canceled and she didn’t get notification for it. She called up the doctor’s office to ask what happened, and the nurse said: “We did call and leave a message.” My mom said, “But I didn’t get it, are you sure someone called? My mother was at home, she would have gotten the message and delivered it to me.” And the nurse said: “Well, does anyone at your house speak English?” You know, just the assumption that because you’re Filipino, you’re not going to be fluent in English. My mom was shocked by that, and said: “Yes, she speaks fluent English, she taught English in the Philippines.” That was the first time I realized that people were not going to treat us the same. I was nine years old.

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