Carlo’s Story

When I first arrived in the United States, my obstacles to making friends were primarily cultural. Coming from a truly multicultural society, it was hard adapting to a culture where people divided themselves according to historical ethnic backgrounds. Having had a teacher in high school who espoused the justness of the Nation of Islam, for example, and me being black and Jewish, it set up for some strange and uncomfortable interactions. Those eventually led to me having to change classes. This was one of the first times I felt that my race was put into question.  It affected the way I approached people in the future.  The forms of discrimination I was subjected to were only from people who tended to share my skin color. There was a disconnect on how I approached social attitudes in the US, compared on what I was used to. I was never as aware of my skin color, as when I moved to the US. I was even told that I was too intellectual, and not emotionally demure enough about societal struggles that people felt they were fighting on a daily basis.

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