Sara’s Story

One incident that I think my parents found kind of fascinating was when I was four years old. That was the first time we traveled outside of Pakistan, and we went to the States, to the UK, and Turkey. I was four years old and I bought my first Barbie. I chose it myself and it was a black Barbie. My parents were sort of interested as to why I went for a black Barbie – it’s not like she looked like me. But I remember just wanting a ballerina Barbie, and it made absolutely no difference to me. [My parents] are very liberal, very open-minded so they had no issues with that. They were just amused that I had made that choice on my own, of somebody who doesn’t look like me, basically. I had been used to dolls that were kind of generic, in terms of color and race. I think that I wasn’t aware of things then.

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